Of course you are right and I thank you for taking time to goad me.I do have things to say,and or to comment on.I am going to begin by commenting of a series of books I have just reread and hope others will try them.They are a set of books by Sharon Shinn about her land of Gillengaria and its trials and tribulations.They are wonderful.Well written,believable(for fiction)without the assembly line of todays modern fiction.I am also getting ready to reread the trilogy by Lynn Flewelling.A great story of a chagneling child and his/her rise to Queen of the land as was foretold.Another fine series apart from the same stuff being published today.CJ Cherryh’s Fortress stories are also top notch.If you notice I love great fantasy fiction,and history,and current events.American Civil War,and anceint history pre-1000 B.C.But I am open to any subject Of interest…just have to try me.Garry in Kentucky.P.S.And thanks again Bill.