The Bell Witch was(or is?) an entity that gained fame for its hauntings of the Bell family of Robertson County,Tenneessee primarily in the time period between 1817 to 1821.The female ghost(witch?) seemed to center her hate on the family head John and daughter Betsy.The worst of the hauntings seems to have occured until Johns death in 1820,but sightings happened off and on for some years.The best thing I have found on this,so far is a site called The Bell Witch “Keeping the story real.” by Pat Fitzhugh.I have not perused the site fully,but it looks very nice and informative.I have lived in Southern Kentucky for many years but I had not heard reference to this entity, but when I did I thought at once of haunted stories from my mom and others and several seemed to follow the general story of the witch.I’m not suprised of course,since oral histories seem to grow and are embellished by numerous tellings.In those times all travelers,peddalers,etc,told these stories to folks and they grew.What I have not run into yet is the origin of the witch its self.Had she died of a broken heart?She was very harsh in her tormentings toward Betsy,one of Johns daughters and drove her to break her engagment to Joshua Gardner.Or had she been a casualty of Indian raids in earlier times.Her own history would make a good spooker maybe,if known.And one more thing on Pat Fitzhugh.He has a book on the Bell story and then a book on Southern hauntings and tales that really looks awesome.Check out his site at bellwitch.org.Happy Halloween all.If anybody would care to write a short history on Samhain it would nice.Garry in Kentucky.