If I ever had the chance to be the keeper of an antiquity of any kind,from anywhere,it would without a doubt be a scarab.I can’t say exactly why.There is certainly not a lot of mystery about what it is,and I’m sure,what it stood for to the Egyptians.But since I believe Egypt will never give up all it secrets,I believe the scarab continues to be a part of the secret history of the greatest of the ancient civilisations.I saw one on an ancient site that I will post with this article,that is gorgeous.It is made from glazed steatite and as you see beautiful.Add the symbolism of the piece and you have a masterpiece.Although the Egyptians had a huge pantheon of gods,their real journey in life was an attempt to do all that was right and used Ma’at as their guide to the end—which was of course their beginning—the afterlife.That journey was the way for uncounted millenia to the people and I feel was a history and inspiration that lasts to this day in many if not all civilizations.This is of course personal thoughts with I think some solid reasoning.Now if I just had my scarab.Garry in Kentucky.display-1109
Thanks to Ancient History Encyclopedia and The Metropolitan Museum of Art under the Creative Commons-Attribution-non Commercial-ShareAlike program.