220px-John_Jordan_Crittenden_-_Brady_1855John Crittenden(1787-1863) was a soldier(non-combatant),lawyer,statesman(governor and legislator of Kentucky,U.S.Representative,U.S.Senator,and twice U.S.Attorney General of the United States,among many services to his country and state).His name rings loud in talks of American heroes.His entire life was a passionate dedication to his family,his state,and his country(As a staunch Unionist)His family was also important in military history.His eldest son,Maj.Gen.George Crittenden served in the Confederate Army,while his youngest son was Thomas L.Crittenden ,a general in the Union Army.No finer example of a family torn by war exists.Meanwhile his son-in-law,John C.Watson was a Rear-Admiral in the 19th century.His service to state and country spanned nearly 50 years and was contemporary to others such as Henry Clay and Issac Shelby.A wonderful biography can be found at Wikipedia.Take time to read it.It should serve as a lesson and inspiration of sacrifice to public service to the people and the country,not the man or his own personal ambitions.Todays politicians to a person pale in comparison.Garry in Kentucky.

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