John Jordan Crittenden-A great American and a greater Kentuckian

220px-John_Jordan_Crittenden_-_Brady_1855John Crittenden(1787-1863) was a soldier(non-combatant),lawyer,statesman(governor and legislator of Kentucky,U.S.Representative,U.S.Senator,and twice U.S.Attorney General of the United States,among many services to his country and state).His name rings loud in talks of American heroes.His entire life was a passionate dedication to his family,his state,and his country(As a staunch Unionist)His family was also important in military history.His eldest son,Maj.Gen.George Crittenden served in the Confederate Army,while his youngest son was Thomas L.Crittenden ,a general in the Union Army.No finer example of a family torn by war exists.Meanwhile his son-in-law,John C.Watson was a Rear-Admiral in the 19th century.His service to state and country spanned nearly 50 years and was contemporary to others such as Henry Clay and Issac Shelby.A wonderful biography can be found at Wikipedia.Take time to read it.It should serve as a lesson and inspiration of sacrifice to public service to the people and the country,not the man or his own personal ambitions.Todays politicians to a person pale in comparison.Garry in Kentucky.

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Egypt–mysteries forever.


If I ever had the chance to be the keeper of an antiquity of any kind,from anywhere,it would without a doubt be a scarab.I can’t say exactly why.There is certainly not a lot of mystery about what it is,and I’m sure,what it stood for to the Egyptians.But since I believe Egypt will never give up all it secrets,I believe the scarab continues to be a part of the secret history of the greatest of the ancient civilisations.I saw one on an ancient site that I will post with this article,that is gorgeous.It is made from glazed steatite and as you see beautiful.Add the symbolism of the piece and you have a masterpiece.Although the Egyptians had a huge pantheon of gods,their real journey in life was an attempt to do all that was right and used Ma’at as their guide to the end—which was of course their beginning—the afterlife.That journey was the way for uncounted millenia to the people and I feel was a history and inspiration that lasts to this day in many if not all civilizations.This is of course personal thoughts with I think some solid reasoning.Now if I just had my scarab.Garry in Kentucky.display-1109
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Bill Thayer and Jona Lendering


I haven’t posted in what seems forever since there seemed to be a lack of interest.Ha! bet all you “ologists” have heard that one before.But these two gentlemen have always kept it spot on.They are a fount of knowledge and make it interesting and intriguing.Hope they keep it up for us all.The beautiful story of Esther and Mordecai was a wakeup call to me to join back in.I have no practical experience or travel history,but history is for everyone,because people for one reason or another tend to forget and that can be dangerous!Thanks again to you Bill and Jona.Garry in Kentucky

The Bell Witch


The Bell Witch was(or is?) an entity that gained fame for its hauntings of the Bell family of Robertson County,Tenneessee primarily in the time period between 1817 to 1821.The female ghost(witch?) seemed to center her hate on the family head John and daughter Betsy.The worst of the hauntings seems to have occured until Johns death in 1820,but sightings happened off and on for some years.The best thing I have found on this,so far is a site called The Bell Witch “Keeping the story real.” by Pat Fitzhugh.I have not perused the site fully,but it looks very nice and informative.I have lived in Southern Kentucky for many years but I had not heard reference to this entity, but when I did I thought at once of haunted stories from my mom and others and several seemed to follow the general story of the witch.I’m not suprised of course,since oral histories seem to grow and are embellished by numerous tellings.In those times all travelers,peddalers,etc,told these stories to folks and they grew.What I have not run into yet is the origin of the witch its self.Had she died of a broken heart?She was very harsh in her tormentings toward Betsy,one of Johns daughters and drove her to break her engagment to Joshua Gardner.Or had she been a casualty of Indian raids in earlier times.Her own history would make a good spooker maybe,if known.And one more thing on Pat Fitzhugh.He has a book on the Bell story and then a book on Southern hauntings and tales that really looks awesome.Check out his site at Halloween all.If anybody would care to write a short history on Samhain it would nice.Garry in Kentucky.

A new day


Good day all.Just a note for everyone out there.Just finishing my latest read….Ruth Downey’s books about Ruso,a roman medicus who finds himself becoming a detective.Set in the times of Hadrian,in Britain,its entertaining,good cases,and Ruso’s wonderful British wife Tilla who keeps Ruso and the action going in a humourous vein.Good stuff.Weather is beautiful here in Kentucky for October.Got to get out!Write soon and lots.Garry in Kentucky. P.S.On my next post I want share with you the blogs I try to follow and will take any ideas on ones to check out.

Thank you


Of course you are right and I thank you for taking time to goad me.I do have things to say,and or to comment on.I am going to begin by commenting of a series of books I have just reread and hope others will try them.They are a set of books by Sharon Shinn about her land of Gillengaria and its trials and tribulations.They are wonderful.Well written,believable(for fiction)without the assembly line of todays modern fiction.I am also getting ready to reread the trilogy by Lynn Flewelling.A great story of a chagneling child and his/her rise to Queen of the land as was foretold.Another fine series apart from the same stuff being published today.CJ Cherryh’s Fortress stories are also top notch.If you notice I love great fantasy fiction,and history,and current events.American Civil War,and anceint history pre-1000 B.C.But I am open to any subject Of interest…just have to try me.Garry in Kentucky.P.S.And thanks again Bill.